Level switches work on permanent magnet reed switch basis. The floats which contain permanent magnets move freely between their stops rising or falling with liquid level movement. Hermetically sealed within the tube are reed switches, completely isolated from the medium. The magnet’s field actuates the reed switch as the float moves while the stoppers restrict overrun and prevent the reed switch returning to its original position. Stopper positions should not be changed.


Process Connection 1/8″BSP(M)
Mounting Hole 10mm
Gasket PTFE Teflon Flat Ring
Material of Construction SS 316
Type of Switch SPST
Switch Rating 60VA/ 100VA
Total Stem Length 40mm below Hex
Float 28mm dia x 28mm long
Maximum Switching Voltage 300 VAC /DC
Maximum Working Temperature 125 °C
Maximum Working Pressure 10 kg/cm2
Wire length 1 metre long 19/36 SWG PTFE insulated