Suitable for continous level indication of fuming liquid which attacks glass very corrosive and hazardrous liquid S.S. Flot which is equpped which alnico magnet moes up and down along with the level increase of decrease. The float magnet movements is magnetically coupled to the follower outside chabmer which is enclosed in a glass tube.

Material of wetted part C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Teflon
Material fo float C.S./S.S..304/S.S.316/PP/PVC/Teflon lined
Range 0-5 meters
Pressure rating 40kg/cm2
Scale M/C engraved on backelite anodised aluminuim sheet graduated in cm.
  • Low High Level Alarms
  • 4-20mA transmitter
  • Digital Indicator